A teachers’ guide to Greenwashing

On-line Dublin Dublin, Ireland

Greenwashing is not a new issue. It isn’t even a recent one.

Yet, the increased attention it has received inside and outside teaching spaces has amplified in recent years. Examples include the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) ending their involvement with the Texaco Children’s Art Competition, the growth of the ‘sustainable finance‘ market and moves at an EU level to crackdown on greenwashing claims as part of introducing new legislation across the region.

Ban Fossil Ads webinar series part 1

On Line Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hear from Anna Jonsson, Badvertising Sweden and Charlotte Braat, Fossil Free Advertising about this webinar series and recent developments in Sweden, the Netherlands and internationally,


Dochas Conflict-Of-Interest: Donnacha please step down

Chartered Accountants Ireland 47/49 Pearse street, Dublin 2, Ireland

Dochas has failed to take this issue seriously with the result that Just Forests will protest at the Dochas Network Conference.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres, February 2023
He added that this war ‘is putting our world at immediate risk of hurtling past the 1.5-degree temperature increase limit and now still moving towards a deadly 2.8 degrees.’ He called for disruption to end the destruction, an end to ‘baby steps’ and ‘excuses’, a rejection of greenwashing and an effective challenge to the ‘bottomless greed of the fossil fuel industry and its enablers.
Just Forests has asked UNICEF Ireland ( a Dochas Network member)
on a number of occasions over the past years to ask their Board Member/Ambassador Donnacha O'Callaghan to step down from his role as Texaco Support for Sport Ambassador. They have not responded.

IDEA Annual Conference 2023

Morriison Hotel Dublin 1 Ormond Quay Lower, Dublin, Ireland

Just Forests is a member of IDEA. We have requested (on a number of occasions) that IDEA challenge the ongoing conflict of interest matter that exists between a UNICEF Ireland board member/ambassador and his role as a Texaco Support for Sport ambassador role. They have point blankly refused and continue to turn a blind eye to this issue.