September 12 2023: Climate, Politics, and Corporate Power: A Conversation with Steven Donziger & Special Guests

By September 5, 2023

FREE! Hear human rights attorney Steven Donziger discuss his fight for justice at the intersection of climate, politics, and corporate power.

Join us in conversation with noted human rights attorney Steven Donziger about being targeted with the nation’s first corporate prosecution after helping Amazon communities win a historic $10 billion pollution case against Chevron [the owners of Texaco]. Steven is a leading thinker operating at the intersection of climate, law, and corporate power. He is also the first US attorney to be jailed by a corporation in retaliation for his human rights work. Link here…

Calling All NGO's, Community & Justice Groups and Environmental Activists

Our right to protest for a just and sustainable world is under threat. Fossil fuel corporations like Chevron (owners of Texaco) have criminalised Steven Donziger because he stands with indigenous communities Texaco have so terribly abused in Ecuador. Just Forests is calling all members of community and justice groups across Ireland  to stand up to this abuse of corporate power. We must publicly defend our right to defend the defencless as Steven Donziger has given so much of his life to do.

See our events page to see how you can support defenders like Steven while defending you own right to protest for what you believe is right and just – click here…